Officers and Directors

William J. Lansing
President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael J.  Pung
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mark R. Scadina
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Dr. Stuart C. Wells
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Wayne E. Huyard
Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services
James M. Wehmann
Executive Vice President, Scores
Richard S. Deal
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Steven P. Weber
Vice President, Treasurer and Investor Relations
Michael S. Leonard
Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Nancy E. Fraser
Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary
Patricia G. Gillis
Assistant Treasurer
Thomas J. Colling
Assistant Treasurer
Braden R. Kelly,  Chairman of the Board
Partner at Health Evolution Partners

William  J. Lansing
Chief Executive Officer of Fair Isaac Corporation

A. George Battle
Former CEO and Executive Chairman of Ask Jeeves, Incorporated

James D. Kirsner
Former Chief Financial Officer and head of Barra Ventures at Barra, Inc.

Eva Manolis
Former Vice President of Inc.

Marc F. McMorris
Managing Director and Co-Founder, Carrick Capital Partners

Joanna Rees
Managing Partner at West

David A. Rey
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Client Relationship Officer of UnitedHealth Group