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                                    FORM 8-K

                 OR 15(D) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

         DATE OF REPORT (date of earliest event reported): JUNE 14, 1995

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        DELAWARE                                                94-1499887
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              120 North Redwood Drive, San Rafael, California 94903
               (Address of principal executive offices) (Zip Code)

       Registrant's telephone number, including area code: (415) 472-2211

ITEM 5. Other Events

     On June 14, 1995,  the Company  announced  the  appointment  of a new chief
operating officer and a new head of its credit business unit in a press release,
the text of which is as follows:


         San Rafael,  Calif.--Fair,  Isaac President and Chief Executive Officer
         Larry E.  Rosenberger  announced  the  appointment  of  Executive  Vice
         President John D. Woldrich as chief operating  officer effective August
         1. Woldrich  will succeed  Robert D.  Sanderson,  who has announced his
         intention  to leave  Fair,  Isaac's  management  team at the end of the
         company's  fiscal year,  September 30. Sanderson will remain a director
         of the  corporation  and will  assist  management  in  exploring  joint
         venture opportunities.

         Dr.  Sanderson,  who  joined  Fair,  Isaac in 1969,  has  served as the
         company's chief operating officer since 1989. Commenting on Sanderson's
         decision,  Mr.  Rosenberger  said,  "Bill Fair  (chairman  and founder)
         expressed the mood of the entire  organization when he said that losing
         Bob is like losing a member of the family.  We've worked  together as a
         team for so many years, it's hard to visualize Fair, Isaac without him.
         I'm personally grateful to Bob for the tremendous job he's done as COO,
         and I'm glad that the company will retain the benefit of his service as
         a director."

         In connection with Sanderson's  planned  departure and the shift in COO
         responsibilities  to Mr.  Woldrich,  Rosenberger  announced a number of
         other  organizational  changes,  including  promotion  of  Senior  Vice
         President  Patrick  G.  Culhane,  from  director  of credit  bureau and
         solicitation  services to head of the  company's  entire  domestic  and
         international credit management operations. Five credit group divisions
         that formerly reported to Dr. Sanderson--Credit Bureau and Solicitation
         Services,  Account Management,  Application  Screening,  North American
         Market, and International, will report to Mr. Culhane.

         Mr. Woldrich will oversee all of the company's  major operating  units,
         including the two business  units--Fair,  Isaac's  Insurance  group and
         DynaMark,  a  direct  marketing  services   subsidiary--that   formerly
         reported to Mr. Rosenberger. Woldrich will also assume oversight of the
         company's  research  and  development  group and will retain  executive
         responsibility for marketing and alliances.

         Mr.  Rosenberger  said the decision to place all operating  units under
         the chief operating officer had been under consideration for some time,
         and would  have  occurred  in any  event.  "I feel we're now at a point
         where a larger portion of my time should be focused on intermediate and
         long-term issues,  rather than day-to-day  operations  management.  The
         reorganization will make that possible." Reporting to Rosenberger after
         the reorganization will be COO Woldrich, EVP-Finance and Administration
         Gerald de Kerchove,  EVP-Strategic  Development  Barrett B. Roach, Vice
         President   and  General   Counsel   Peter  L.   McCorkell,   and  Vice
         President-Human Resources John Waller.

         Mr. Woldrich,  52, joined Fair, Isaac in 1972,  shortly after receiving
         his MBA from Wharton  School of Business,  University of  Pennsylvania.
         His previous assignments with the company have included a wide range of
         responsibilities in production,  product management and, most recently,
         domestic and  international  marketing and business  alliances.  He has
         been a director of the corporation since 1983.

         Mr.  Culhane,  40,  worked  for Bell  Labs and Sohio  Petroleum  before
         joining Fair,  Isaac in 1985.  Elected a vice president in 1990, he has
         been in charge of the company's  largest and fastest  growing  business
         unit since that time.  Culhane holds a BS degree from the University of
         California at Riverside and an MS in Statistics from Stanford.

         Dr.  Sanderson  has spent his entire  career with Fair,  Isaac,  having
         joined the company  shortly  before  receiving  his Ph.D. in Operations
         Research from the University of California,  Berkeley.  He also holds a
         Masters  degree  from  Cal-Berkeley  and  an  undergraduate  degree  in
         mathematics from Cornell  University.  Sanderson has been a director of
         the corporation since 1977.

         In a separate  statement,  Dr.  Sanderson  said,  "My decision to leave
         Fair, Isaac management was the toughest of my career.  Over the past 25
         years  I've been  involved  in  nearly  every  aspect of the  company's
         business, as we grew from 13 employees to a $100 million publicly owned
         business.   It  has  been  a  continually   stimulating  and  rewarding
         experience, and I've derived deep satisfaction seeing our staff members
         grow  personally  along with the  company.  However,  at this point I'm
         ready for a change  and would like to get  deeply  involved  in a small
         number of the company's new  activities.  I am able to make this change
         because I'm  confident  that Fair,  Isaac will continue to compound its
         successes.  Larry,  John, and Pat have the strategic vision to lead the
         company  in the right  directions,  and the staff  has the  talent  and
         values to achieve the objectives they set."

         Fair,  Isaac and Company  and its wholly  owned  subsidiary,  DynaMark,
         Inc., are leading developers of predictive models, software systems and
         components,  and marketing database  management and "decision" services
         used in the credit, insurance, and direct marketing industries. For the
         fiscal year ended  September 30, 1994, the company  reported net income
         of $10.0 million or $1.61 per share on  consolidated  revenues of $90.3
         million.  For the six months  ended March 31, 1995,  net earnings  were
         $5.75 million or $.91 per share on revenues of $52.0 million.


     Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, the
Registrant  has duly  caused  this  report  to be  signed  on its  behalf by the
undersigned thereunto duly authorized.

                                     FAIR, ISAAC AND COMPANY, INCORPORATED

DATE:   June 16, 1995

                                     By:         PETER L. MCCORKELL
                                                 Peter L. McCorkell
                                   Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel